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WIZ takes part in Expo Aquae - Venice, October 20, 2015

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Summary WIZ takes part in Expo Aquae - Venice, October 20, 2015
Author Wiz Staff
Start validity 2015/10/20
End validity 2016/10/20
Creation date 2015/10/20

WIZ at Expo Aquae - Venice, October 20th, 2015

The WIZ project was presented today at the Workshop "Best practices for the management of water resources and protection of the marine environment: the contribution of LIFE projects" organized by the Italian Ministry of Environment during the EXPO Aquae event in Venice. (http://www.aquae2015.org/event/best-practice-per-la-gestione-delle-risorse-idriche-e-la-tutela-dellambiente-marino-il-contributo-dei-progetti-life/)

The results of the project have been presented during the meeting which was attended by other relevant Italian projects.

The event Expo Venice Aquae represents an opportunity of dialogue between LIFE beneficiaries aimed at promoting the exchange of best practices, compare the most significant experiences gained and results achieved under the various projects realized or still in progress, as well as stimulate discussion on the most significant arguments encountered during the project implementation.

The purpose of the initiative is also to create an opportunity for a constructive dialogue not only between LIFE beneficiaries, but also among beneficiaries and all those who intend to implement the projects results on the same themes under the different instruments provided by the community funding programmes 2014-2020, in order to contribute to the desired complementarity between funds/ European programs for the implementation of the targets of the Union on this subject.

The workshop is featuring therefore, a dynamic confrontation between the various LIFE beneficiaries and various stakeholders who will be able, with the support of appropriate methods of facilitation, to make a comparison on the goals, results and suggestions of LIFE projects.