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Autorità di Bacino del Fiume Arno (Arno River Basin Authority) is an associated partner of the WIZ project.

It carries out planning and programming activities on land protection and water resources management in the basin of the district of the Northern Apennines (an area including the main river of Tuscany, Umbria and Marche, and the smaller rivers of Lazio, Liguria and Emilia Romagna).

The Autorità di Bacino del Fiume Arno currently consists of a team of 33 technical and administrative personnel which is increasing in number, and also includes experts in geology, hydraulic and environmental engineering, agriculture, forestry, information technologies, law and communications.
'Acquiring of Knowledge' is one of the key activities carried out by the Autorità di Bacino del Fiume Arno that involves, amongst other things, the collecting, processing, storing and broadcasting of data. The importance of this activity is crucial, especially when we consider the increasingly complex environmental, economic and social phenomena that public administrations have to govern, all of which are delicate and, very often, conflicting processes. In compliance with the latest laws, data produced by the Autorità di Bacino del Fiume Arno are available and free of charge on the web without the need for authentication, and they are accompanied by appropriate metadata describing their features.

The Autorità di Bacino del Fiume Arno had the important task of drawing up the management plan of the district, which not only entails environmental implications but also deals with the economic and administrative issues as well. To propose strategic solutions is its main purpose: strategic solutions that are not only economically feasible but also environmentally sustainable.