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Dissemination actions will be implemented based on an integrated Communication & Dissemination Plan and will have the following objectives:

  • to design the WIZ "image" (key messages, logo, guidelines for publicity, formats for streaming video and podcasting, etc.);
  • to disseminate information about project activities and major project results to the general public and main stakeholders;
  • to make the WIZ tools, objectives and means of implementation known to local planners of the built environment, and policy makers and decision makers outside the demonstration areas, in order to streamline its evaluation as an option, and to mainstream its objectives;
  • to bridge the gap between applied research and early implementation of advanced solutions, through the involvement of analysis, modelling, and forecasting specialists who will be encouraged to communicate their observations and contributions for further implementation;
  • to improve effectiveness and efficiency of endeavours at a regional, national and European level, by communicating achievements, solutions and information gained during project implementation to other communities dealing with similar/related issues;

Dissemination actions will also include plans to continue disseminating the results of the project over the coming years (After-LIFE Communication Plan).

The main project tasks within the Set of Actions are:

A15 Creation of a workbench for dissemination 01/09/10 – 22/10/10
A16 Communicating to the general public 21/10/10 – 30/08/13
A17 Targeted communication actions: WIZ for planners of built environment, policy makers and decision makers 28/03/12 – 04/06/13
A18 Targeted communication actions: WIZ for specialists analysis, modelling, forecasting 23/09/11 – 04/06/13
A19 Connection with other relevant projects communities 01/11/10 – 30/08/13
A20 WIZ After-Life Communication 01/07/13 – 30/08/13