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The Fundación Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (henceforth ITG) is an associated partner of the WIZ project.

ITG is a private, non-profit foundation that was set up in 1991 by the Architects, Civil Engineers and Industrial Engineers Associations of Galicia. It was declared of Galician interest by the Regional Government on June 18th., 1991. Other founding members are the Mining Engineers’ Assoc., Galician Technical Industrial Engineers’ Council, Naval and Oceanic Engineers’ Assoc.; Galician Businessmen's Confederation, the Research Vice-rectors of A Coruña, and the Vigo and Santiago de Compostela universities.

ITG is a member of FEDIT (Spanish Federation of Innovation and Technology Entities), AEC (Spanish Quality Association), AGAC (Galician Quality Association), FIEBDC (Construction Data Base Interchange Standard Format National Association), and a founding member of FEGEVA (Spanish Value Management Association). ITG is also a Research Results Transference Office (OTRI).

Since 2007, ITG has been invested with permanent secretaryship of the Forum for the Sustainability in Construction and Building in Galicia, which has the role of launching Galicia as a world-wide vanguard in sustainable practices within the scope of construction.
ITG belongs to several National Technological Platforms such us eMov (Mobility), SEC (Security), INES (Software) and ICT for building (“Hogar Digital”), and has developed numerous activities with public and private institutions, also stipulating cooperation agreements with some of these.

ITG’s Training Area has been providing different kinds of technical knowledge related to Architecture and Environment, such as the “Master Degree in Architectural Restoration”, the “Engineering and Environmental Management Course”, and the “Master Degree in Quality and Environmental Management”.

ITG and BRE (Building Research Establishment Ltd) signed an agreement for adopting BREEAM (Environmental Assessment Method for Buildings) in Spain. BRE is an internationally acknowledged British institution that focusses its activities on Building Sustainability and Territorial planning Sustainability(including responsible water use in a territorial context).

ITG has acquired sound experience in participating in and managing international and EU projects:

  • A.S.A.P. Project (LIFE06/ENV/IT/000255, 2006-2009) focussing on Environmental water issues;
  • Interreg IIA Gener(2008) - SME’s support in the implementation of Energy Efficiency Management Models;
  • ZigSEa: Wireless Networks Systems for environmental control of coastal and river areas (RE, 2008);
  • IBEROEKA-ICIIESMAS, “Complex Intelligent Infrastructures for studying the impact of urban actions through social mechanic models”