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Stakeholders' consultations

Meeting with potential stakeholders (citizens, water supply services, businesses, planners, professionals, municipalities, scientific and technological communities) have allowed WIZ partners to pinpoint the needs and objectives of each one in relation to the results of the project.

The results of these meetings have been pooled together in the Group Manifests.

Water supply companies Basin Authorities Municipalities Land claiming consortia Parks and Gardens Authorities Provinces Regione Toscana Citizens Scientific Community Professionals Business concerns

ManifestoSmall AATOeGEST.png

ManifestoSmall AutBacino.png
ManifestoSmall Comuni.png
ManifestoSmall ConsBonifica.png
ManifestoSmall Parco.png
ManifestoSmall Province.png
ManifestoSmall RegToscana.png
ManifestoSmall Cittadini.png
ManifestoSmall ComScientifica.png
ManifestoSmall Professionisti.png
ManifestoSmall Imprese.png
Water supply companies Public Administration Environmentalists Consumers' Associations Universidades and R&D on water Universities and R&D on building Professionals Businesses Citizens
Im GestorasAgua.png
Im Publicas.png
Im Ambientalistas.png
Im Consumidores.png
Im UniAgua.png
Im UniUrbanismo.png
Im Profesionales.png
Im Empresas.png
Im ManifestoCiudadanos.png