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Expected goals are:

  • to build a learning community of Key Actors;
  • to achieve an updated State of the Art in order to decide on the kind of detailed implementation strategies to employ;
  • to assure the conditions needed to proceed with the implementation and demonstration phases.

The PREP Set of Actions consists of achieving an updated State of the Art related to available methodologies and tools, regulatory framework, procedural and contextual practices, and accessibility of information.
Moreover, models, tools and technologies to be adopted and a collection of agreed criteria for identification of WIZ demonstration areas will also be established.
The identification of local planning authorities and the choice of the type of services enabling stakeholders to fully participate to the water governance process, are crucial for the success of the project.

The main project tasks within the Set of Actions entail:

A06 Building a learning community of Key Actors 01/09/2010 – 30/06/2011
A07 Gather an updated State of The Art 04/10/2010 – 28/02/2011
A08 Selection of models, tools, technologies 10/01/2011 – 19/04/2011
A09 WIZ as a service for European citizens and businesses 01/09/2010 – 05/04/2011
A10 Planning of demonstration implementation 21/04/2011 – 28/06/2011