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WIZ – WaterIZe spatial planning*: encompass future drinkwater management conditions to adapt to climate change

WIZ is the innovative demonstration project that paves the way for including future drinking water availability in today's spatial and life planning.
WIZ allows Municipalities, Provinces and all those involved in spatial planning processes to access web-based information about demand and supply forecasts, linking new settlement hypotheses, climate change scenarios, and infrastructure costs forming the background of existing geographic local information systems.
Through WIZ, citizens can access on-line information about present and future drinking water supply conditions, for example, in order to decide whether a certain location is a convenient place to live: WIZ is linked to Geografic Information Systems.
Drinking water supply service utilities (including the WIZ Coordinator Beneficiary, Acque S.p.A.) are also pivotal key actors, as they operate at the crossroads between the interest in protecting resources, the supply of sufficiently good-quality drinking water, and the managing of services in an economically viable manner in order to respond to socio-economic development needs. Thanks to WIZ, they can improve the quality and validity of their decisions.
Communities of practitioners and professionals can use, rework and improve WIZ services, implemented through open-source licensing schemes.
Finally, the research and technology development community involved in the WIZ project includes sectoral specialists for bridging the gap between applied research and early implementation of advanced solutions.

Project partners include: Acque Spa (Pisa), Coordinating Beneficiary; Autorità di Bacino del Fiume Arno (Florence), Ingegnerie Toscane Srl (Pisa), Fundación Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (A Coruña, Spain).
The total budget amounts to € 1,896,540.00; the LIFE+ Community contribution is equal to € 942,370.00.
WIZ will last 36 months (01/09/2010 - 30/08/2013).

(*)"Waterize" is a neologism specifically created for the project