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  • Over 450 people in Italy and Spain have been engaged in the construction and validation of the requisites of WIZ (citizens, professional associations, managers of the water service,water. authorities, environmentalist groups, specialists and experts, universities and research groups)
  • The on-line platform of WIZ has been developed and tested and is now active with its two services, WIZ4ALL and WIZ4PLANNERS.
  • 10 pilot communities (their policy makers and their professionals and experts) currently use the WIZ4PLANNERS platform to manage authorization procedures and the relative requests for water service connected with urban development, comparing notes daily and dealing with the issues of adaptation to climate change, the pressure on water resources and the management of demand.
  • Over 80 procedures have already been undertaken successfully through WIZ4PLANNERS (IT)
  • WIZ has been institutionalized as an approach and practice by the 10 pilot communities in Italy, which have decided to use the WIZ approach regularly in their normal procedures.
  • The province of Pontevedra in Spain has collaborated actively with the project, becoming a promoter in its own towns and in the municipality of Baiona, which became the test case.
  • 115 procedures have already been undertaken successfully through WIZ4PLANNERS Baiona (ES).
  • WIZ has been acknowledged as a tool capable of improving integration between environmental policies and local territorial planning, decisional capacity and the settlement of conflicts. In Italy, its use is recommended by the Tuscan Water Authority (AIT) throughout the region.
  • Every day, an average of about 90 citizens and/or enterprises consult the WIZ services in Italy and Spain.
  • A network of contacts is active, with over 25 European projects that have agreed to reciprocal collaboration and exchanges of information and results. In particular, we can indicated the long-standing cooperation of the project with such projects as AG_UAS (LIFE09 ENV/ES/0456 - http://lifeaguas.es/), IES (LIFE11 ENV/ES/000621 – http://www.ies-life.eu/),AQUA-PLANN (LIFE07 ENV/E/000826 http://www.aqua-plann.eu/), URBANWATER (Program FP7-ICT – http://urbanwater-ict.eu /),EnerBioAlgae (Program SUDOE, SOE/P2/E374 – http://www.enerbioalgae.com/).
  • The results of WIZ have been published on many occasions with papers at conferences, interviews on the radio and television, web-casts, workshops,participation in events and a rich knowledge base for consultation on-line.